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When woman Venus is in Virgo, you express love by doing things for, and fussing over, your loved one. You notice little things about your partner, make mental notes of their likes and dislikes (this may sound contrived, but it's not——it's simply the way you're wired!), and genuinely try to help your lover in practical ways The Venus in Virgo woman is known to be a very respected and dignified individual who never lowers herself while in society, who acts on certain principles, with an air of high and mighty person. Sanctimonious as she can be in some regard, you don't even know what lies beyond that social mask, and how she can transform when in private Venus revolves around the love of life, tastes, and values. For Venus Virgo men, it's the kind of woman that's their Venusian ideal. And for Venus Virgo women, it's the way they express their natural femininity. Virgo in love is critical, with high standards, and a matter-of-fact attitude

A major attraction to the male who was born with Venus in Virgo is a woman who is modest, as well as being meticulous about her appearance, and also, well-organized. The male with this astrological set up is attracted to someone with good manners, as well as being able to hold a conversation on topical issues Virgo is a Neutral, meaning non-gendered planet, while Venus is one of the most sensual and feminine. If you are lucky enough to be close friends or in love with a Woman who has Venus in Virgo, then you had better recognize her worth. Do not leave this woman lonely too long, because she will take it personally. Virgo rules your attention Venus-in-Virgo women with world-class and even historic accomplishments include Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, whose Moon and Mercury are also in Virgo (excellent for a writer, and Uranus and Pluto also in Virgo granted genius and fame); Germany's prime minister Angela Merkel, comedienne Lucille Ball, singer-songwriter Pink, the late actress and bestselling author Carrie Fisher, and humanitarian Eleanor Roosevelt

Venus in Virgo man or woman is honest and helpful, sometimes to a fault. They have trouble not stepping in when something goes wrong. Because they are so well-organized, they feel they can fix any situation and will try whether or not they are asked to. Those closest to them understand this is just part of their caring nature Venus in Virgo women are sensitive, reserved, smart, high strung, and insecure. They are often looked at as someone who thinks they are better than most people. But in reality, they are the opposite. Venus in Virgo is affectionate, loving, and salacious Venus in Virgo is a Tough Placement Venus in Virgo is one of the more difficult Venus placements. These are very serious people, witty and intelligent, and they love to be around others in social situations. Venus in Virgo people can be very humorous, and dazzle others with their knowledge of almost every subject

Venus Virgo woman is a true lady. She is always perfectly dressed and her look is never overdone. She prefers natural beauty to tons of makeup. She is well organized and tidy; Venus Virgo woman usually leads well-organized and planned life The Venus sign and aspects are especially noticeable in women because women tend to project an aura of their Venus. It colors a woman's feminine style, how she presents herself as a woman, and her idea of the perfect woman. In a man, too, the Venus sign and aspects are indicators of what he considers the perfect woman in an erotic sense

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If a man's Venus is in Virgo, an appealing woman to him is usually an understated, rather simple appearance without too much glamour or ostentatiousness. Healthy, natural, and clean are most appealing physical qualities, and a certain amount of intelligence as well as a modest, sensible approach to life I'm going to be discussing the characteristics of the Virgo Venus placement. Contact me for a PERSONAL natal chart reading Facebook: https://www.facebook... Venus is debilitated in Virgo because failing to express the unconditional and spiritual love in the critical sign of Virgo, which requires several conditions met for love. As a result, people with their Venus in Virgo generally always try to find mistakes in the relationship or their partner that repel love and feelings Venus in Virgo brings a more serious vibe to all of your partnerships, and the ones that don't live up to your highest standards can show themselves the door. Virgo is a perfectionist, and when it combines with the planet of love and beauty, it can be a tough time. We're left to sort out their conflicting influences

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Venus in Taurus men and women can be possessive in love, and they are threatened by fast-paced, high-energy situations in the context of relationships and love. These are sensual partners who require lots of hands-on expressions of love. Their lovers may complain that Venus in Taurus can get a little too comfortable and settled In today's video I'm discussing what it's like to have your Venus in the sign of Virgo. ----- For a personal birth chart. So if you love a man with Venus in Virgo, be like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl have a head for business, and a bod for sin. This man's Venus in Virgo falls in love with brains first, then the earthy sensuality can follow. He has what I like to call well banked fires

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Find out the celebrity horoscopes having the Venus in the astrological sign of Virgo with planetary dominants and interactive chart, page 1/112 . We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other. VENUS IN VIRGO { Venus in 6th } high standards, wants to be swept off their feet, the mom friend, can be a mother in relationships, takes up project relationships, critical with love, self sacrificing without wanting anything but recognition and appreciation in return, will do all of the hard stuff for those they love When Venus is in Virgo, we're being urged to become more reserved and discriminating when it comes to matters of the heart. You may begin to feel that if you can't have a perfect love, you'd rather not have any love at all. For those that are coupled, Venus in Virgo is a cosmic opportunity to take a step back and determine if we're getting what we deserve out of our relationships. If.

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Venus in Virgo is a pedantic workaholic attentive to trifles. Venus in our natal chart is responsible for values, love relationships, our path to wealth. Virgo is an intellectual earth sign that adores order in everything. Let's see how this position of Venus affects us in the natal chart of a man and a woman Aug 19, 2020 - Explore Renee Barradas's board Venus in Virgo, followed by 956 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Venus in virgo, Celebrities, Virgo Virgo woman personality traits: Intelligent Bossy and judgemental Practical and realistic and cautious in love A woman who over-analyzes and is overly-critical of everything. In astrology, every person has a sign in the moon, rising, and venus placements of their zodiac chart On Friday, October 2, Venus—­­­­our planet of love and romance—leaves passionate and fiery Leo for practical and down-to-earth Virgo. In this sign, where she will stay until October 26, Venus struggles to gain her footing as she is in her fall. This is astrologer talk for Venus doesn't really like to be here

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  1. With Venus in Leo highlighting the Virgo man's twelfth house of ending from September 6 until October 2, try to keep things as light-hearted and simple as you can. Because of Venus's placement in his twelfth house, the Virgo man is attracted to the woman who knows how to keep things respectful and drama-free
  2. If Your Venus Sign is in Virgo Virgo Woman. Intelligent and capable. Notices little details. Practical and realistic in life and love. Cautious when starting new relationships and will be vulnerable when she's ready to open up like that. Not very materialistic but appreciates gifts and things if they're practical and can be put to good use. Virgo women might seem like they get upset.
  3. d but also respect her enough to not push too much, too fast. Pickiness can be a bit of a problem at times, and they can have a list they want others to meet, as well as themselves
  4. A woman whose Venus is in Virgo also wants to be taken care of. She wants to know that whoever she is with is someone who is capable of taking care of her for a long time. Virgo tends to date with.
  5. ine. Some of Virgo women are able to rationalize things to the.
  6. d us of the importance of observation in our love lives. Where Virgo tends to play it safe or to.
  7. Virgo; Libra; Scorpio; Sagittarius; Capricorn; Aquarius; Pisces; Comments; Forums; Search; Login; Signup; Forums. Astrology forum. Attraction based on Mars/Venus (Men/Women) The position of Venus in a man's chart, by sign. If a man's Venus is in Aries, he is often attracted to a tomboyish w. By enfant_terrible — July 14, 2012 9:47pm — 78 replies. You are on page . out of 6. Add new topic.

Venus in Virgo brings a more serious vibe to all of your partnerships, and the ones that don't live up to your highest standards can show themselves the door. Virgo is a perfectionist, and when it.. Venus in Virgo. Venus in Virgo people are all about the details, so they'll take their time getting to know someone, steadfastly clocking up necessary knowledge and insight into what makes the. A Venus in Virgo man or woman is not known for their spontaneity in love, and they are searching for perfection. Degas had no interest in painting nature scenes, and preferred instead to paint women. Since Venus in Virgo is representative of the Madonna, the Virgin in all of it's natural glory, this makes perfect sense. Not wanting to be in the spotlight, but still wanting to be seen and.

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  1. Women born with Jupiter in Virgo are very reliable and responsible. They are usually perfectionists who try their best not to miss any detail and always perform a perfect job. This tendency is well known to their superiors who know that they could freely rely on their abilities
  2. Venus in Virgo does all this quietly and without fanfare. Your greatest need in love besides perfection is simply to be needed. You most easily express love by being of service to your lover and taking care of all those details in life. When you criticize or nag, it's only because you care so deeply and expect such pure love
  3. The Venus in Virgo person does not jump into relationships easily. They take time to make themselves important parts of their partner's life. Instead of revealing all in a romantic scene, they tend to be self-restrained and very selective

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Virgo Woman In Love & In Bed (Venus in Virgo) You can expect the Virgo Woman to be nervous, antsy and restless when she is falling in love because love is not among the more rational emotions she leans into; but once you win her heart, she will love you with a depth so profound it might even astound you. Once over the initial worry and nervousness, she will blossom like a flower in the arms of. Just click on the names of your choice to see the horoscopes of celebrities who have the Sun in Leo and Venus in Virgo. Advertisements. Kylie Jenner Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart. Add to favourites (400 fans) Affinity with your profiles . Born: Sunday, August 10, 1997: In: Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital (CA) (United States) Sun: 18°23' Leo: AS: 9°47' Capricorn: Moon: 12.

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Venus in Virgo is the earthy Goddess who always fulfils desires. Venus in Capricorn, Aegipan, literally goat-Pan, was a Pan who was fully goat-like, rather than half-goat and half-man. When the Olympians fled from the monstrous giant Typhoeus and hid themselves in animal form, Aegipan assumed the form of a fish-tailed goat If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Libra you are . . . The Basically Sociable Lover . Y ou are the Mars in Virgo Lover most likely to be embarrassed by sex. There is a delicate, romantic side to your erotic nature that causes you to resist the insistent call of your earthy sensuality. You rarely succeed at this for very long but you do manage to make your straight-forward sex drive seem. A Virgo woman can be self-conscious about her body, which can cause her to be inhibited with respect to sex. A Cancer man will be tender and gentle, which will help put her at ease and allow her to relax and let go. Once she does, they will have a loving and passionate sex life together. Sexual Compatibility: 85/100 . Cancer man, Virgo woman: Marriage and family life. For the most part, a.

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  1. As a woman with Venus in Virgo, I can personally testify to the stereotype of being VERY picky with partners and relationship, and having VERY high standards. I don't know much about others here, but I know for sure that I always find myself laughing whenever I read the stereotype because it's true. This year is the only year I have truly opened myself up to the idea of having a relationship.
  2. g and just a tad on the conservative side. She was looking for a partner, her other.
  3. Venus in Virgo finds beauty in the simplistic essence of being a human in our physical world. Don't try too hard. Don't put on a show. Leave out the drama. Just be! But there is a caveat. You must be the best human you can be. This doesn't mean conquering the world or being the nicest person who ever lived. It means making smart, discerning choices, behaving appropriately, and basically, doing.
  4. ant and thrill seeking. People with this Venus placement are assertive and can easily make the first move Passionate and motived, they tend to be the conquerors in love
  5. Venus in Virgo can signal difficulties because love and beauty cannot coexist with analysis, so one of them must be suppressed. The result of analysing love and art is the realisation that one must accept secrets and stop analysing them. These people have a very gentle and rare sense of distinction. If people with Venus in Virgo decide to prefer inspiration over technology, they can become.

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Venus in Virgo is solid in its affections, but (frankly) could stand to lighten up once in a while. Let's have a look at the basics for Venus in Leo and Venus in Virgo, and then check out their. Venus in Aries represents a tough cookie, a woman with a sassy attitude who's not afraid to compete in a man's world. Two Sun Aries celebrities who both have Venus in Aries and became famous for playing strong women are: Sarah Michelle Gellar (b. April 14 1977) who played Buffy in 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Keira Knightley (b. March 26 1985) who was Elizabeth Swann in the hugely. Venus represents love, pleasure, and beauty. Scorpio, on the other hand, has obsessive and maaaybe-just-a-little-bit-paranoid energy, so when Venus is in Scorpio, opening up to others isn't. As a woman with Sun, Venus and Mars in virgo, thank you for restoring a breath of sensual hope to my being. I have read a whole bunch of other (rather shallow) interpretations that make people with Virgo influences sound like such boring-but-devoted lovers. You're the first person whose work I have read that has also made the link to something I have on occasion felt intuitively, the sacred. Venus rules earthy taurus and and aesthetic libra and so is in detriment in the opposite signs, aries and scorpio. 1st/7th and 2nd/8th house polarities. Self worth and values. Our concept of love and other people's concepts of love and values. Ven..

Venus in Virgo loves with a precision and care that is unmatched by any other Venus sign. This earthy girl aims to please and often does just that. If only she didn't always feel the need to try so hard! This Venus can learn a lot from allowing herself to be on the receiving end from time to time. When she gets plenty of appreciation for her. Goddess of Love Venus in Virgo trine Awakener Uranus in Taurus today Cassandra Eve-Whole Woman See More. Whole Woman. October 7 at 11:00 PM. Warrior Mars retrograde in Aries square Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn (second of three exact squares) Mars square Pluto suggests deep power struggles, or even abuse of power appearing as force... within oneself i.e. between what the. It is said that Venus is in fall in Virgo since, in Pisces, it's opposite, the planet of love is in its exaltation. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and therefore, it is an extremely cerebral sign, but do not despair, we can also appreciate the sensual nature of Venus when it travels Virgo

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  1. Virgo is a very 'tame' sign in that respect. Not a guy, but I'm Venus in Virgo and I'm the exact opposite of that description. I'm not even sure that would be a venus thing anyway because Mars is the sex-drive. Maybe Mars in Virgo would be kinky, if Uranus made aspects to it. IP: Logged. KarkaQueen Knowflake . Posts: 897 From: Uranus Registered.
  2. ine
  3. If You Have Or Love A Venus In Pisces Zodiac Sign, Keep Reading To Find Out What This Compatibility Is Like Other Horoscopes, And Why You Are One Of The Best People To Be In A Relationship With.
  4. Venus in Pisces must learn to stand up for themselves in love. Failing that, they must learn to chose better partners, who will not take advantage of them! Of course, not *every* Pisces will be a total emotional doormat, but many do share this affliction. But even a strong sun sign isn't going to totally offset an exalted Venus sign
  5. Ah yes, the Mars in Libra Man or Woman - the fallen angels.. Whitney Houston and Barbara Walters both have their Mars in Libra. What an amazing example of two women who have brought so much love, and feeling to the world, and yet have struggled to stand up for their own in their own life
  6. Venus in Virgo people might feel a bit cold and unaffectionate to others, because they think too much and analyse longer how to best behave in social and love situations. They have rules set for how to act in most occasions. Much is premeditated, hence the lack of spontaneity in relationships

Getty Images . Venus, planet of love and money, enters Virgo on October 2nd and will be flirting its way through the earthy sign until October 27th. Normally, Venus in Virgo brings a practicality to how you spend your money and give affections to others. However, this time around, Venus is getting messy due to the Grand Cross (a fraught aspect with two oppositions and two squares) with elusive. Mar 24, 2019 - Explore Hollie Allison's board MARS: Virgo, followed by 849 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Virgo, Mars in virgo, Mars Venus is now in the sign of Virgo and in mutual reception with Mercury bringing much humility to the stage we have set for ourselves. The Goddess of Love doesn't have the best seat in the earth sign of Virgo. Which brings her to kneel humbly in front of Love Venus › Venus in Libra; Diplomatic Libra approaches love with a fair mind and open heart, aiming to find a balance not just between partners, but with fitting love into the larger scheme of life. Things don't slow to quite the level of the overly practical Virgo, but Libra does prioritize so they don't take on more than they can handle. That.

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If a Venus in Virgo loves you, either you have perfect qualities that they admire, or you are so screwed up that it has become their mission to fix you. How to Love Venus in Virgo. To make your Virgo lover feel loved, make them feel useful to you. They need to feel useful to feel good about themselves. Let them help you with everything, whether it is homework, housework, running errands, etc. Venus enters Cancer on August 7th, and we are pretty excited! Venus has been in Gemini since April 3rd thanks to being retrograde in this sign for a little while. This has made Gemini the dominant energy for love and relationships over the last few months. Venus normally spends about 1 month in a sign, so we're in desperate need of a break The Venus in Scorpio man is intense and powerful in love and relationships. Men born under this star sign are not only deeply emotional, but they are also known to love deeply. Venus in Scorpio men never expose a lot about themselves and it is this mysterious nature that is a big part of their allure that makes them so appealing Jun 30, 2018 - Explore hollyarchambeau's board Venus in Virgo, followed by 5325 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Virgo, Venus in virgo, Astrology

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  1. Venus gets debilitated when it is placed in the sign of Virgo, which means Venus becomes very weak by virtue of its placement in the sign of Virgo
  2. Virgo Woman: Overview & Personality Traits. The Virgo woman is the ultimate combination of brains and beauty. She's got organizational skills for days, not to mention highly developed characteristics and a dedicated work ethic - all of which ensures that the world will get to see her in action, putting all of her brilliance and talents to good use
  3. On September 19th-20th we have a New Moon in Virgo just as Venus also moves into Virgo. This is a squeaky clean fresh start for all zodiac signs, promising much happiness and pleasure! With Mars and Mercury now direct also in the sign of the Virgin the next few weeks are giving you a cosmic great push to get things done, get them sorted [
  4. Venus in Aries also tempts these people to spend more money than they can effort. When it comes to love, they always lose their head. They throw themselves into a love affair and they are convinced that this is the only true love between two people in the entire world, well, maybe with one exception: Romeo and Juliet. When their love ends, they pick up the pieces and try to save the dead.
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The average Virgo man wants a woman who is confident, intelligent and easy on the eyes. He wants a woman who boost his confidence. Since he has a tendency to get stuck in routine, it would be good to have a lady who gets him to explore and have a few adventures. A Virgo Man in a Relationship . If you had to describe a Virgo in one word, it would be perfection. This is not because he is. Venus in Cancer woman needs to feel secure at all times, and surrounding them in a loving embrace does just that. They need constant reassurance that the relationship is solid, even when everything is going well. They are always ready for the other shoe to drop. And, they need those closest to them to constantly restore their confidence. But once they are brought back on track, they will give. I'm Capricorn Sun woman with Pluto in Virgo, Lilith in Virgo, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Scorpio, Aquarius Moon, Gemini/Sagittarius Rising, Pisces/Virgo Midheaven, Aquarius Ascending Node, Leo Descending. Please Sanja, tell me more Venus sign in a woman's chart shows how she will express her Venusian traits. In a man's chart, it will shows how he will project them onto the woman. For a man with Venus in Cancer. He wants someone who can cook delicious meals instead of going o..

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They truly are trying to help! Venus in Virgo is attracted to nondescript people who have largely gone unnoticed. Show-offs and know-it-alls turn them off. Source(s): Cafe Astrology .com. 0 2 0. Login to reply the answers Post; Anonymous. 4 years ago. Venus In Virgo Woman. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a9UCq. 0 0 0. Login to reply the answers Post; Lynette♥ Lv 5. 9 years ago. Very caring. His Venus in Virgo is more practical. He is loyal, and will talk about romance, but it's not the best Venus position. You can show him a thing or two about what you need as far as the romance goes. He has it in him to be romantic, even passionate, but has trouble expressing it in concrete terms. Or will buy you things like new tires for your car or think of practical things you need to show he.

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A Virgo woman can be seen as intimidating, very particular bunch of people, and dating one is probably unlike anything else you've experienced. Life with a Virgo is a life that is always well-planned, down to the last detail, and void of all surprise. A Virgo woman is often also very timeless, like a classic novel, and appreciate the simple things in life. However, don't go trying to fit. A Virgo woman will wait along time for Mr. Right, preferring to be engulfed in a good book rather than a relationship that is half-hearted. The quintessential Virgo has a serene, classic repose that may seem a bit remote and unreachable but will pour out from a rich treasury of love, once their emotions are unlocked. Falling in love can take a long time however for a Virgo. They believe in.

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The native boosted by benefic combust debilitated Venus in the third house in the sign of Virgo and other benefic planets may get married to a woman who may belong to a rich and influential family and the native may profit through this marriage. Such benefic combination of Sun and combust debilitated Venus can also bless the natives with good results through many types of professions, with the. The Venus in Virgo man thinks he wants one thing, but it is usually another. Regardless of your sexuality, the Venus sign embodies the kind of woman or romance you desire. Men with Venus in Virgo fancy chic, precise, well-pulled together women. They like the concept of 'gamine' or nimble-seeming urbane souls Expect to feel confused about relationships until October 27th. Planet of love and money, Venus enters Virgo on October 2nd and will be flirting its way through the earthy sign until October 27th. Normally, Venus in Virgo brings a practicality to how you spend your money and give affections to others

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Libra sun virgo venus? By Lilianni — July 25, 2015 6:43pm — 19 replies. You are on page . out of 2. Add new topic Libra forum. Related Forums. Are libra men jealous - 4 months. Aries and Libra Compatibility - 8 months. cancer and libra - 1 year. Does ignoring a libra man work - 11 months. gemini and libra - 4 months. How to make a libra man miss you - 2 years. Ignoring A Libra Man - 2. Venus in your sign grants you romantic favors. Couples, complicity is present but Neptune continues to tickle you with suspicions. Forget about all this and make the most of your sweetheart, life is way too short! Singletons, you want something serious alright, but an unexpected encounter may change things. However, Neptune is still present and may come in the way of its evolution. Don't get.

Symbol: A woman decorates a cake with pink sugar roses. Feminine Venus fares well in Moon-ruled Cancer because both are concerned with the processes of reproduction and growth. People born with this placement are sentimental and affectionate with strong family ties, especially to the mother. Money and property are likely to come from the maternal side of the family. Both the strength and. Nine of Pentacles: Venus in Virgo tarot card astrology. This article discusses the symbolism of the Nine of Pentacles and its astrological correspondence Venus wants to love, connect, and attract, but Virgo, being a somewhat cool and dry earth sign, maybe too shy and composed as an archetype to allow Venus' energy to flow freely. This could present in these natives as the need to take a long time to warm up to and trust those that they love. It can also take form as a tendency to place high expectations for consideration and perfection on. Venus en Virgo, Picassent, Spain. 42 likes. Artesanías ~ Hechas totalmente a mano ~ Se realizan trabajos a pedido... Ventas por mayor y menor... Se realizan envíos... venusenvirgo73@gmail.co Venus will help your move your career forward this week. Your ideas will be incredibly popular in the workplace, my Virgo friend! Your superiors will spend the entire duration of a meeting saying positive things about you. Weekend. You love telling your family what to do. You're impressively organized and a fantastic leader to boot! Jupiter helps you hide your bossy nature as well as possible. I'm Venus in virgo girl. Home; Courriel; Actualités; Sports; Célébrités; Style de vie; Météo; Mobile; Plus; Demander; Ouvrir une session; Courriel; Toutes les catégories . Actualités et événements; Amour et relations; Animaux; Arts et sciences humaines; Automobile et transport; Beauté et mode; Enseignement et référence; Entreprises et finance; Environnement; Gastronomie et boisso

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